Our Story

It all began with 2 teen sisters, 2 totally different styles, and personalities.  We have such varying views on our days wardrobe.  One, Tamiyah, loves a dress, and a very coordinated outfit.  Aiyaunah, may have on green and blue flowered leggings with a red skull tee.  But what we do agree on, beauty and fashion can be translated in many ways and are ageless.  They do not fit into a small box and neither do we. 

Our mission is to create an apparel and accessories company that can offer something for everyone regardless of age, gender, or sense of style.  We will accomplish this by listening to you, our customers.  We will commit to providing great service, open communication, and quality products.  We will continue to form valuable consumer relationships and business partnerships that will keep our products affordable.  We aim to create very unique experiences and we are successful in doing so because we love to interact with our customer base.