Vibe and What it Means to ME

Vibe and What it Means to ME

  • Chamorra Johnson

Have you ever been around someone and felt their energy? Or have you ever noticed a certain atmosphere in a room that you cannot quite put your finger on? That feeling is called "vibe". It's a mysterious yet powerful force that can influence our environment and the people around us. In this article, we will discuss what vibe is, how I have learned to look within first, and how I am applying what I have learned to various aspects of my life today. So, let's dive in!

Real Growth Begins Within

One of the things I checked myself on is “VIBE” and what it means to ME. I get hype when I hear the song “***** Don’t Kill My Vibe” seriously I do. But I had to stop and think about the word, its meaning, and the role I play in the vibe that I am feeling. 

Definition of Vibe:

Noun: a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others

Verb: transmit or give out (a feeling or atmosphere)

A VIBE is subjective. So I found it necessary that I asked myself questions that may have made me face things that I had previously chosen not to face.

Have you ever gone somewhere, and the first time you went, you could not dig what you thought it was putting out?  

I have, and there were times I have returned, and the vibe changed. This time, I loved the environment, I could not have been happier with my decision to return. Then, I had to ask, "What was different this time?" Often the answer was ME. I may have had a difficult day in business or at home that day. My mood when I went the first time did not allow me to enjoy the atmosphere. Taking this into consideration, I am now able to recognize my own behavior and the role it played in my experience not being a favorable one.

Then, I took that same concept and applied it to my relationships with people. I am a MAJOR introvert. IN MY FOUR WALLS THERE IS PEACE. There were people that represented things that I did not want in my life, and that is ok.

There were times I didn’t guard myself enough.  Someone said to me “That is why I love you”, “You want to see the good in everyone and I need for you to learn to see people and situations for what and who they are.” I still struggle in this area but I had to make the decision today to protect my peace.

There were also times that I guarded myself because of past experiences in my life. I allowed myself to question someone I did not know and had done absolutely nothing wrong to me based off my teachings or past experiences. Thus, I did not give them an opportunity. 

It can be difficult to analyze yourself, but it is a must in order to grow.  I am glad that I did this self examination. Now when I meet a stranger, have a bad experience at an establishment, or amongst those that I know, I will go with the understanding that I play a MAJOR role in the VIBE that I am feeling before assuming, judging, or making a decision to just not deal. I owe myself the opportunity to have great experiences with those around me who are genuine and those around me the opportunity to show me that they are.